With clients from London to Los Angeles, at Sundown we combine experience and strategy with a deep passion for people and wellness, working with brands who have purpose, soul, and want to make waves in the world. We understand branding is a personal experience and we work with you all the way.

A Creative Studio with a FOCUS on Wellness & Beautifully CRAFTED Brands

about Sundown

We choose our clients and suppliers wisely. We value organic, vegan and cruelty-free. We have worked with sustainable swim wear brands to vegan hair care retailers.

For us, wellness is at the centre of every brand we love to work with. Each project includes or is inspired by positive impact, wellbeing, and human connection.

We care about connection

about our amazing clients

Collaboration is our cornerstone here at Sundown. The beauty of creation multiplies when shared.

From our own journey we understand the importance of wellbeing, rituals and routines; the importance of sharing and connecting with others, and creating space to breathe in a busy world.

Beautiful, minimalist designs for beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands. Inspired travel and wellbeing lovers, we bring beautiful refined branding and brand experiences together.

What we DO


SUNDOWN philosophy

"The FUTURE belongs to those that BELIEVE in the BEAUTY of their DREAMS."

"Images are our palette and canvas, each one a visual poem that speaks volumes on its own."

"Content creation is a mindful art, each post crafted to inspire and empower."

"Engagement isn't just interaction, it's a shared journey of creativity and expression."

"Growth stems from exploration, constantly pushing boundaries for fresh creativity."


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Stylish, Creative Expression

Authentic, Real Life Connections

Engaging Storytelling

Capturing Moments that Matter.

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Sometimes, you need a second pair of eyes on your brand, website or marketing. This is where our 1-1's come in to save the day.


We offer full packages tailored to your project whether strategy, branding, packaging, print or marketing, making sure every detail is covered.


Solutions for design and branding, each client is unique and has different needs and when deadlines are urgent we offer pricing on the go.



Join us for the journey.

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