With a focus on wellness, and 20 years of branding experience we create beautifully crafted presences with soul, and purpose.

Making a positive impact: brand design, packaging creation, editorial, art direction, and digital experience.

A full service design studio in Birmingham, UK, we specialise in creating beautifully minimal design that connects.

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Authentic brand experiences for the dreamers, doers & soulful entrepreneurs.

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With clients from London to Los Angeles, at Sundown we combine experience and strategy with a deep passion for people and wellness, working with brands who have purpose, soul, and want to make waves in the world. We understand branding is a personal experience and we work with you all the way. At Sundown our mission is to help conscious, lifestyle, wellbeing-focused brands who care about making a difference.


From our own journey we understand the importance of wellbeing, rituals and routines; the importance of sharing and connecting with others, and creating space to breathe in a busy world.

At Sundown our mission is to help conscious, lifestyle, wellbeing-focused brands who care about making a difference.

We believe in crafting a curated lifestyle that embraces authenticity and the art of thoughtful brand creation.

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High performance and expertise-led skincare range that captures Nataliya’s unique method and skin care style with highly compelling product stories with botanical blends and scientific know how. The branding and packaging distinctly blended science and nature together with luxury...

Wellbeing led, naturally potent


"Jo is patient, creative beyond measure and approachable. I felt seen and heard from the start. She helped bring my dream and business to life and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat."

"I LOVE collaborating with Jo! Her warmth, passion and creativity means we always make great things happen for our clients."

I've revamped my entire wardrobe based on their fashion advice. Hire them, now.

What truly sets them apart is their commitment to authenticity.

Héritage's content is like a daily dose of sunshine, always leaving me inspired.

I'm so grateful for the positivity Héritage has brought into my life.

Héritage doesn't just talk the talk; they walk the walk, and it's infectious.

My home feels like a Pinterest dream come true thanks to their decor tips.


"The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams..."